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  • Department of Administrative and Economic Support

    Head of Department – Mr. Vyacheslav Ievhenovych ZAYKOVSKYI

    Tel: +38(044)364-77-86, 

    е-mail: v-e-z@ukr.net 

    Unit activities:

    1. Provides economic service and proper condition in accordance with the rules of industrial and fire safety of the institute.

    2. Controls lighting, heating, ventilation, plumbing. 

    3. Concludes contracts for heat supply, electricity supply, water supply, gas supply, security and fire system, garbage removal, monitors the use of state property.

    4. Manages landscaping and cleaning of the territory and premises of the institute. 

    5. Controls the expenditure of funds allocated for the purchase of equipment and business purposes. 

    Unit resposibilities:

    1. In due time to check the technical condition of all equipment available in the laboratory in order to establish its compliance with the modes of use instructions and safety requirements, if necessary, in the prescribed manner to stop its work.

    2. To study the operational qualities of devices, apparatus and equipment entering the institute, to install them, to make appropriate adjustments, and to monitor the operation of all devices, apparatus and equipment available in the laboratory.

    3. Keep records of the availability and movement of devices, apparatus and equipment, as well as spare parts for them in the prescribed forms.

    4. Prepare and draw up the necessary documents for the write-off of devices, apparatus and equipment, special vehicles in accordance with current regulations.

    5. In the event, when it is impossible to eliminate breakdowns, malfunctions in the apparatus, devices and equipment, to call in the established order experts for elimination of malfunctions, and also to make complaints and to direct to manufacturing plants and to medical technical service.

    6. Monitor the timely updating of documents from service personnel for the right to work with pressure equipment (autoclaves), gas stoves and pots.

    7. The Unit has to provide the institute with the necessary devices, office equipment, supplies, consumables, relevant resources of appropriate quality related to economic activities.

    8. Timely enter into agreements with organizations for the maintenance of autoclaves, refrigerators, manometers and other laboratory equipment, as well as measuring the resistance of insulation of wires, cables and equipment, to ensure contractual requirements for electricity supply.

    9. Together with the locksmith-electrician and the locksmith-plumber to ensure uninterrupted operation of the electrical network and electrical appliances in the laboratory, as well as uninterrupted operation of gas and heating systems in the laboratory.

    10. Carry out control and provide practical assistance in ensuring the smooth operation of special vehicles, compile and monitor the implementation of maintenance schedules of special vehicles by drivers, as well as provide existing special vehicles with the necessary spare parts and fuels and combustive-lubricat materials.

    11. Carry out control over observance of fire-fighting rules in the garage and sanitary condition of special vehicles, garage premises and provision of special vehicles with serviceable fire extinguishers; conduct regular briefings on compliance with traffic rules.

    12. Organize the release of special vehicles on the line in technically serviceable condition.

    13. Draw up acts on the transfer of special vehicles and write-off of repair equipment.

    14. To organize work on control over observance of speedometer economy, official investigation of premature failure of speedometers, to keep logs on sealing and replacement of speedometers.

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