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    Main duties of Methodological Council of SSRILDVSE are consideration and review of scientific and methodological recommendations developed by the staff of the institute, in order to submit them for consideration and approval by the Academic Council of the institute.

    Procedure of the Methodical Council of the State Scientific and Research Institute for Laboratory Diagnostics and Veterinary Sanitary Expertise

    1. Employees of the Institute submit to the secretary of the Methodical Council the scientific products developed by them (methods of scientific researches, methodical recommendations and instructions, methodical manuals, monographs, reference books and textbooks) in paper form.
    2. A meeting of the Methodical Council in the composition approved by the Order of the Director of the Institute is convened to consider the scientific product.
    3. At the meeting of the council, internal reviewers are appointed for each scientific product.
    4. The Secretary of the Methodical Council submits to the reviewers paper versions of the materials for review.
    5. The review is typed on the official form (heading) of the Institute, signed by the reviewer, registered in the original documentation and sealed by the Institute.
    6. The review is attached to the paper version of the scientific product and is presented by one of the members of the Methodical Council at the meeting of the Academic Council of the Institute.
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