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    The competence of the Academic сouncil of the SSRILDVSE includes the following issues:

    • determination of the SSRILDVSE development strategy and perspective directions of scientific and scientific-technical activities;
    • conducting scientific and scientific-technical evaluation of topics and results of scientific and research works;
    • approval of current (annual) plans of scientific research and scientific and technical (experimental) developments;
    • improvement and development of SSRILDVSE structure;
    • approval of the topics of dissertations of candidates for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at the third (educational and scientific) levels of higher education or the degree of Doctor of Science and the appointment of supervisors or consultants;
    • approval of the results of attestation of researchers, graduate students, doctoral students, applicants and the results of the competition for vacant positions of researchers;
    • nomination of outstanding scientific works for awards, medals and other types of badges, including international ones;
    • awarding academic staff the titles of professor and senior researcher and providing appropriate decisions for approval to the attestation board of the central executive body that ensures the formation and implementation of state policy in the field of scientific and scientific-technical activities;
    • approval of annual reports on the activities of the scientific institution and financial plans of the scientific institution.
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