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  • Departments

    Research Departments

    Research Bacteriological Department

    Research Department of Biochemical and Molecular analisys of food, feed and water

    Research of Immunological Department

    Research Molecular and Genetical Department

    Research Department of Scientific and International Work

    Research Virological Department

    Research Epizootological Department

    Research Parasitological Department

    Research Pathomorphological Department

    Research Radiological Department

    Research Chemical and Toxicological Department

    Process Departments:

    Department of  the Administrative and Economic Support

    Department of the State Procurement and Economic Planning

    Department of the Human Resources

    Department of the Metrological Support and Calibration

    Department on the Organisation of Infectious Diseases Diagnostic

    Department on the Organisation of Monitoring Testing, Samples Registration and Paperwork

    Department of the Labor Protection, Biosafety and Biosecurity

    Department of Quality Management

    Department of Financial Planning and Accounting

    Department of Legal Support

    Department of the System Administration

    Department of Slotted

    Department of Information Retrieval and Processing, Call-center

    Department on Direction of Laboratory Diagnostics

    Department of Continual Professional Development

    Leading Specialist for Audit

    Leading Specialist for Prevention and Detection of Corruption

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