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    Services provided by the Department of metrological support and calibration

     Measurement of indicators of factors of the production environment (accreditation certificate № 20489)

    • temperature and humidity;
    • air velocity;
    • noise level;
    • level of illumination, brightness; light pulsation coefficient;
    • content of toxic substances in the air of the working area, namely (ammonia, benzene, butadiene, carbon dioxide, chlorine, nitrogen dioxide, ethanol, formaldehyde, hydrochloric acid, hydrogen peroxide, hydrogen sulfide, methanol, nitrous gases, oxygen, toluene, toluene) ;
    • vibration level;
    • level of infrasound;
    • level of ultrasound;
    • level of thermal radiation;
    • index of heat load of the environment (THC index);
    • level of ultraviolet radiation;
    • voltage level: electrostatic field, constant magnetic field, electric and magnetic field of industrial frequency;
    • the level of electromagnetic field of the radio frequency range (0.001-0.01 MHz, 0.01 MHz – 300.0 GHz);
    • pulse EMF level, 0-1000 MHz;

    Information on how to apply can be obtained by following link.

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