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  • Interlaboratory comparative tests «VET-Тest»

    One of the main criteria for assessing the competence of laboratories and the reliability of the results is participation in the professional testing program (PTP) / qualification testing program (QTP).

    SSRILDVSE is an accredited provider for proficiency testing “VET-TEST” in accordance with DSTU EN ISO/ІЕС 17043:2017 “Conformity assessment. General requirements for professional level verification”

    The cost of interlaboratory comparisons and PTP “VET-TEST” is calculated individually, depending on the matrix, indicators, number of participants (needs or wishes), based on the analysis of questionnaires to interview participants sent to the provider.

    • The results of questionnaire analyzes are provided to the coordinating units, which make proposals on matrix and indicators for the program of PC “VET-TEST” at a meeting of the organizing committee with the formation of the draft Calendar Plan PTP “VET-TEST” for the year.
    • Heads of Departments / laboratories compile a list of consumables needed to organize the round, the accounting department forms a calculation (calculates the cost of the round for participants), which is approved by the Director.
    • The calendar plan of the VET-TEST program for the current year is sent by e-mail to potential participants.

    In order to meet the requirements for monitoring the reliability of results for overhead lines, in particular, checking their professional level in addition to the qualification testing program (PTP) “VET-TEST”, the Institute organizes interlaboratory parallel (bilateral / multilateral tests) based on applications from participating laboratories. The cost also depends on the number of indicators, matrix, number of participants.

    More detailed information on the cost of interlaboratory tests can be obtained by e-mail: qm.dndildvse@gmail.com

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