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  • Department of Legal Support

    Head of Department – Mr. Mykola Mykolayovych VARSHAVA


    e-mail: m.varshava@vetlabresearch.gov.ua


    Main directions and duties:


    • Ensure legal compliance in the activities of the Institute and protection of its legal interests.
    • Supervise the compliance of draft laws, orders, instructions, regulations and other legal acts prepared by the Institute with the requirements of the legislation, and, if necessary, participates in the preparation of these documents.
    • Take measures to amend or repeal legal acts issued in violation of current legislation.
    • Prepare conclusions on legal issues that arise in the course of the enterprise.
    • Provide methodological guidance on legal work at the enterprise, legal assistance to structural units in claims work, preparation and submission of necessary materials to judicial and arbitration bodies.
    • Represent the interests of the Institute in court, arbitration, as well as other state and public organizations in the process of legal issues.
    • Lead the analysis and synthesis of claims, litigation and arbitration, as well as the practice of concluding and enforcing contracts.
    • Develop proposals to eliminate violations of contractual discipline in the product supply, identified shortcomings and improve the production and economic and financial activities of the enterprise.
    • Management of the preparation of materials on theft, waste, shortages, production of substandard, non-standard and incomplete products and other offenses for transfer to investigators and courts, take measures to compensate for damages caused to the company.
    • Prepare conclusions on proposals to bring employees of the company to disciplinary and material responsibility.
    • Participate in the development of conditions and conclusion of economic agreements and monitors their implementation, in the preparation and conclusion of collective agreements, as well as in the development and implementation of measures to strengthen labor discipline at the enterprise.
    • Organize reference and information work on legislation and regulations with the use of technical means, taking into account current legislation.
    • Management of the work to change the current or repeal of invalid, orders and other regulations issued at the enterprise.
    • Provide the necessary information about the current legislation, as well as the organization of work with the acquaintance of officials of the enterprise with the regulations relating to their activities.
    • Develop proposals for improving the economic and financial activities of the enterprise.
    • Provide legal assistance to the staff of the Institute, promotes legal knowledge.



    The main principles of the Unit on legal support are the observance of the rule of law in its professional activities, which is to promote the practical implementation of the principles of the rule of law. Application of thorough knowledge and professional skills for proper protection of the Institute’s interests.

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