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  • Department of Quality Management

    Head of Department – Mrs. Nataliia Orestivna SHTOKALO


    Tel: +38(044) 242-72-54,


    е-mail: nataliakol7@ukr.net, qm.dndildvse@gmail.com


    Main activities:


    • maintaining in SSRILDVSE the defined policies and objectives of the Quality Management System (QMS) in accordance with the Standards’ requirements;
    • ensuring the functioning of the QMS, which has been introduced in the SSRILDVSE, as well as its continuous improvement;
    • ensuring the SSRILDVSE preparation for accreditation, supervision measures, expanding the scope of accreditation by national and international accreditation bodies in accordance with the Standards’ requirements.


    Main duties of the Department:


    • implementation, maintenance, operation and improvement of QMS in the SSRILDVSE in accordance with the Standards;
    • ensuring the development of new and maintenance of existing QMS documentation in the SSRILDVSE;
    • acquaintance of the SSRILDVSE staff with the requirements of the QMS documentation and Standards;
    • assessment of the QMS functioning in the Units (laboratories) of the SSRILDVSE and control over the correction of inconsistencies identified during such assessment;
    • promoting the participation of Units (laboratories) of the SSRILDVSE in rounds of international and national interlaboratory comparative studies, as well as accounting and analysis of the participation results;
    • preparation of Units (laboratories) of the SSRILDVSE for accreditation, supervision measures, expansion of the current scope of accreditation;
    • cooperation of the SSRILDVSE with the national accreditation body;
    • methodological and practical assistance to the state laboratories of the State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumer Protection in implementing and maintaining the functioning of the QMS in accordance with the Standards’ requirements;
    • assistance with continuous training and advanced training of veterinary medicine specialists, as well as implementation of scientific achievements and best practices in implementing and maintaining the functioning of QMS in practice by organizing and conducting seminars, internships, conferences, meetings;
    • control over the functioning of the electronic fund of normative documentation in the SSRILDVSE.

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