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  • Department on Labor Protection, Biosafety and Biosecurity

    Head of Department – Biosafety Manager – Mr. Yaroslav Mykolayovych DZIUBA

    E-mail: dzuba@ukr.net


    Department responsibilities:


    1. Introduction, ensuring the functioning of an effective labor protection management system and improving activities in this direction. Providing professional support to employer decisions on these issues.
    2. Organization of preventive measures aimed at eliminating harmful and dangerous industrial factors; prevention of accidents, occupational diseases and other threats to the life or health of workers.
    3. Study and promote the introduction into production of the achievements of science and technology, advanced and safe technologies, modern means of collective and individual protection of workers.
    4. Control over the observance by the employees of the requirements of the legal acts on labor protection, the collective agreement and the acts on labor protection operating at the Institute.
    5. Informing the staff of the Institute and providing clarifications on labor protection.

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