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  • Department on Organisation of Infectious Disease Diagnostic

    Head of the Department: Mrs. Iryna Leonidivna RUZHYNSKA


    Tel: +38 (044)-377-53-85; +38 (044)-377-53-86


    e-mail: priemka-pat@vetlabresearch.gov.ua


    Main tasks:


    • reception, identification and registration of pathological / biological material / environmental objects;
    • drawing up a registration protocol;
    • transferring the material together with the research task to the structural subdivisions of SSRILDVSE;
    • statement of invoice for payment for laboratory tests;
    • preparation of Reports on the results of researches of pathological / biological material / environmental objects / Laboratory test results of blood serum for the presence of rabies virus antibodies;
    • providing consultancies on laboratory tests and their cost;
    • concluding contracts for diagnostic research.

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