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  • Research Epizootological Department

    Head of Department – Mr. Vitalii Viktorovych UHOVSKYI, DVM, prof.


    Tel: +38 (044) 242-01-47


    е-mail: epizot@vetlabresearch.gov.ua



    Department`s activities are directed to:


    • Perform epizootologic monitoring and assessment of the epizootologic situation in regions of the country, as a studying result over veterinary and sanitary, epizootological status, analysis of veterinary reports and lab results;
    • Scientific and methodological developments on epizootological monitoring, diagnostic, prevention and control measures and methods of infectious animal diseases.
    • Study, research and estimate the spreading of infectious animal diseases, including probability of zoonotic nature and assignment of harm to animals and humans, and possible consequences.


    Main functions of the Department:

    • Study and analysis of the epizootic situation in the country, sources of origin, ways of spreading infectious diseases and factors that cause and contribute to their spread. Risk assessment of infectious animal diseases occurrence in Ukraine and their possible entry into livestock products.
    • Analysis of the laboratory test results for infectious animal and poultry diseases performed by regional state laboratories of SSUFSCP and SSRILDVSE, providing scientifically based proposals to farm owners (at their request).
    • Together with the SSUFSCP specialists, Unit staff take part in the epizootological study of cases of diseases common to animals and humans, development of veterinary and sanitary measures on eradication and prevention of such diseases, ensuring scientific support.
    • Provides methodological and advisory assistance to the SSUFSCP territorial bodies on the development of “Plans of antiepizootic measures for prevention of major infectious and parasitic diseases of animals and poultry in Ukraine”, compiles and analyses test results according to the monitoring plan, provides proposals to amend and change them if needed.
    • Cooperates with zoologists, ornithologists, scientists, specialists of regional departments of forestry and hunting, the State Forestry Agency, representatives of the Ukrainian Society of Hunters and Fishermen (UHFA), hunters to determine / clarify the timing (timeframes) of seasonal migrations of wild animals, wild migratory birds, places of their stops, adjusts terms and commission departures of working groups for selection of samples of pathological / biological material to conduct monitoring researches.
    • Participates in the development of proposals and working through the legal acts on the organization of laboratory work in Ukraine for their practical implementation in veterinary medicine, as well as provides feedback and suggestions on draft instructions, regulations, guidelines, recommendations.
    • Participates in the implementation of national programs in the field of veterinary medicine, conducting scientific and research work, and introduction of new epizootological research


    International programs, projects and grants:


    • UP4 “Risk analysis related to certain highly infectious pathogens, that can be transmitted by migratory birds in Ukraine”
    • UP10 “Regional risk assessment of African swine fever (ASF) virus transmission within wild fauna and through trade channels (“from field to table”) in Ukraine – approaches for developments of effective quarantine measures and control strategies over spreading the virus”.
    • Project with Friedrich-Loeffler Institute “Improvement of biosafety during combating the critical, from the spreading point of view, animal pathogens in Ukraine ” (01/2020-12/2022).

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