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  • Research Immunological Department

    Head of Department – Mrs. Halyna ALIEKSEIEVA, PhD, Senior scientist

    Tel: (044)377-53-90

    e-mail: ser@vetlabresearch.gov.ua; serolog@i.ua;


    Main Department activities:

    • Timely diagnosis of infectious animal diseases of bacterial and viral etiology;
    • Monitoring studies according to the “Plan of anti-epizootic measures for the prevention of major infectious and parasitic diseases of animals in Ukraine”;
    • Conducting arbitration research.
    • Scientific and methodical work.

    In case of disputes over the of laboratory diagnosis results on bovine leukosis in accordance with the “Instruction for prevention and rehabilitation of cattle from leukosis” №12/14703, at the request of the owner of animals the Unit conducts arbitration following the approach:

    1. Sampling is carried out on a commission basis with the participation of SSUFSCP specialists, as evidenced by the act of commission selection;
    2. Cover letter with a clear description and inventory number of the animal, with the original number and seal;
    3. Blood sample must be sealed.

    Following animal diseases are diagnosed in the Department:

    • leptospirosis – RMA for 9 and 17 diagnostic leptospirosis strains;
    • brucellosis – Rose-bengal, complement fixation test (CFT), RA, ELISA;
    • leukosis – immunofluorescence reaction, ELISA;
    • Equine infectious anaemia (EIA) – Diffuse precipitation reaction;
    • glanders – CFT;
    • dourine – CFT;
    • arteritis viral – ELISA;
    • rhinopneumonitis – ELISA;
    • Ram infectious Epididymitis – prolonged complement fixation test, ELISA;
    • Listeriosis – CFT;
    • paratuberculosis – CFT, ELISA;
    • cattle neosporisis – ELISA;
    • cattle mycoplasmosis – ELISA;
    • chlamydiosis, toxoplasmosis, mycoplasmosis of dogs and cats – ELISA.

    Department is accredited as a provider of proficiency testing in accordance with DSTU EN ISO / IEC 17043: 2017. It is engaged in the organization and carrying out of interlaboratory comparative tests on profficiency qualification “VET-TEST” on the above-stated indicators.

    Scientific and methodical work:

    The main directions of scientific and practical work of the Department are carried out in accordance with the “Monitoring of animal brucellosis in Ukraine and world. Improvement of diagnostic methods” within the first level R&D on the topic: “Development of new and improvement of existing approaches, methods and means of monitoring, risk assessment, forecasting, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of animal diseases “, № state registration 0118U100595.

    Participation in international projects:

    Collaboration with specialists of the Friedrich Löfler Institute (Jena, Germany) in the framework of the project “Strengthening biosafety and combating against critical in terms of the spread of animal pathogens in Ukraine” (01/2020 – 12/2022) on animal brucellosis.


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