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  • Research Virological Department

    Head of Department – Mr. Ivan Mykolayovych POLUPAN, PhD, Senior Researcher


    Tel: +38 (044)377-53-81,

    e-mail: vetmedic@ukr.net

    Main directions of the Department:

    • Conducts researches within the scope of accreditation of DSTU EN ISO/IEC 17025:2019.
    • The Department is accredited as a provider of qualification assessment according to DSTU EN ISO/IEC 17043:2017 on detection of antibodies to the virus of avian influenza, Newcastle disease using reaction of HA and diagnostic of rabies using immunofluorescence reaction (IFR).
    • Takes part in the international proficiency test rounds concerning confirmation of competencies on researches for AI, ND, rabies (IFR, FAVN-test), LSD, bluetongue, FMD, vesicular swine disease, ASF, peste des petits ruminants etc.
    • Conducts scheduled monitoring researches according to “Plans of antiepizootic measures on prevention of main infectious and parasitic diseases in Ukraine”.
    • Conducts tests of blood serum for detection of antibodies to rabies virus for the purpose of non-commercial movements of cats, dogs and ferrets.
    • Conduct tests of blood serum using ELISA according to the Order of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine No 553 of 16.11.2019 “On approval of the Requirements for import (transport) to the custom territory of Ukraine of lie animals and their reproductive materials, foodstuff of animal origin, feeds, hay, straw, as well as animal by-products and products of its treatment and processing”, “Guidelines on preventive animal quarantine for further transportation and inquiries of physical and legal entities” towards following criteria:




    Animal specie Test criteria
    Cattle Bluetongue

    Infectious rhinotracheitis  

    Viral diarrhea


    Schmallenberg virus

    Sheep and goats Bluetongue



    Pigs ASF


    Transmissible gastroenteritis

    Swine influenza (type А)


    Aujeszky’s disease


    Poultry Avian influenza (type A)

    Newcastle disease (immune response)

    Respiratory mycoplasmosis

    Equidae Equine influenza (type A)


    Scientific directions of the Department:

    • Evaluation of the epizootic situation on rabies in Ukraine, using GIS;
    • Development of measures and methods of rabies laboratory diagnostic;
    • Monitoring research among cattle and small ruminants towards presence of antibodies to the virus of Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever;
    • Analyzing test results according to “Plans of antiepizootic measures on prevention of main infectious and parasitic diseases in Ukraine”;
    • Scientific and methodological activities.

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